Access Control Systems

An access control system is an effective way of restricting access to unauthorized personalities to improve security in a building. We design and install systems for applications of any scope of the building. An access control system is an electronic system specifically designed to control access through a network, and individuals entering the vicinity should have access to that network. An access control system distinguishes the person entering and then authenticates and authorizes entry into the premise, giving absolute protection while ensuring security.

Access control refers to a practice that restricts entry to a room, a building, or a property to authorized persons. Although, physical access control can be attained by a human force such as guards, bouncers, and receptionists through mechanical means like locks and keys. But that is an old fashioned method; most businesses and homes prefer access control through technological means such as access control systems. Within these environments, companies can also employ physical key management partially to monitor further and manage access to areas that are mechanically keyed or maybe access to certain small assets of a business or a home.

In the present day, most people carry access cards or ID badges instead of keys to gain entry to secured areas. Various divinities or locations like restricted access to workstations, file rooms, precious assets in house, sensitive data, access control systems can be used and not only entry doors. Access security solutions provide various types of access control systems, from stand-alone units to software controlled systems. Our variety of options includes but not limited to

Access Control Systems
  • Proximity Card Readers
  • Key fobs
  • Biometric Readers
  • Electric door locks
  • Web and Server-based applications
  • Integration with Alarm Systems
  • Photo ID capability


No more lost keys, know who’s coming and going, no undetected strangers, reduce the chaos of after-hour shifts, secure sensitive information, increase safety, reduce theft and accidents, control multiple access across multiple properties.

Access control mechanisms control the entrances to homes or businesses. The importance of such systems is to restrict access. So the number of people entering and exiting can be monitored.

Access systems are graded on the various features that the brand or manufacturer provides.